How Is Shoprocket The Best Alternative To Ecwid?

It has been a decade since eCommerce plugin technology has been in demand. According to statistics in 2017, eCommerce sales were around $2.3 trillion and it is estimated to double and reach up to $5.5 trillion by 2022. 

In order to sell online, users will require an eCommerce platform. However, building a new website from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. So, if you already have a website without eCommerce functionality, it is wise to use an online site builder tool.

An online site builder tool is used to turn a regular website into an eCommerce site. There are several online site builder tools available, but not every tool is created equally. So, you need to choose your tool carefully. 

Many people use Ecwid to turn their existing website into an eCommerce website. But over the period, what once was the top choice, like the eCommerce plugin Ecwid, is not the best choice anymore because of its limitations. 

So, what are the drawbacks of Ecwid?

Ecwid is an eCommerce website where businesses can start an account and sell products online. However, there are a few limitations of the Ecwid plugin. 

  • Additional features: Ecwid lacks a few features that are a must for an eCommerce store. It includes blogging functionality, automated tax calculations, not helping to integrate shipping labels, etc.
  • Ecwid is a bit pricey: Another limitation is that Ecwid is not a budget-friendly eCommerce website. The basic plan is for $15/month. They also charge additional transaction fees if the website sells well. Ecwid is quite expensive compared to other options. 
  • Ecwid is challenging to use: Last but not least, Ecwid could be a more convenient website, as the interface could be simpler and shorter to build the desired website.

If you are planning to use Ecwid for your website, you must give your decision a second thought.

So, what is the best alternative to Ecwid?

Shoprocket is a great alternative to Ecwid. It is a cloud-based online site builder tool that turns a regular website into an eCommerce website to sell its products and services online. Shoprocket is a one-stop shop for all that one eCommerce store needs to be successful. 

Following are some reasons that make Shoprocket a great alternative to Ecwid:

  • Custom-built website: Shoprocket builds a unique interface by embedding HTML code. It means the users can modify a regular website into an eCommerce website the way they want it to be. 
  • No transaction fee: Like Ecwid, Shoprocket won’t charge you extra money for each transaction. You just have to pay as per your plan. So you can sell your products without any worry.
  • Shopping cart: Shoprocket provides a shopping cart feature that allows customers to add products to their shopping cart and purchase products online. 
  • Payment portal: Shoprocket also provides payment gateway networks such as Stripe, Paypal, and many more for customers to buy products and services easily.
  • Dispatch integration: Shoprocket connects shipping integration for a better shopping experience.
  • Product line management: Shoprocket manages a group of product lines marketed under a single brand. It means they categorized them from each other for easy functionality. 
  • Order management: Shoprocket makes sure the process of confirmation, shipping and delivery of orders go properly without any issues. 
  • Marketing and promotion tools: Shoprocket helps the website to increase sales through promotion, advertising and direct marketing that urge consumers to buy the product and services.
  • Analytics: Shoprocket integrates all the data to improve the website customer experience.

The bottom line 

Now that you know why Shoprocket is the best Ecwid alternative, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Shoprocket now! For more information, visit the website here:

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