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How The World’s Top Businesses Promote Employee Recognition

Leading organizations of the world understand the fact why employee recognition is essential for their company. You need to consider various aspects and some of the big names who are successfully practicing the employee recognition program to boost their brand image. Employees of your organization can bring the profitability and growth of your organization.

Forbes has also done proper research to understand the current market scenario for the world’s top businesses that consider their employees their most significant asset. A brand becomes a popular and profitable organization when you provide your employees with the necessary support and motivation to work harder for your organization.

Different Ways Adopted By Big Brands To Glorify Their Employees

Big brands of the world have adopted several ways to glorify the contribution of their employees. Therefore, let’s explore the methods adopted by then to get a better understanding of the matter.

1. Zappos Offers Four Pronged Reward Program For Employees

Zappos is a sizable e-commerce company that possesses a healthy workforce. They have adopted a peer to peer format to recognize the best talent in their organization. Employee recognition awards matter a lot to them.

In this method, employees in the organization share low-cost, high-frequency rewards with each other. The prize for the employees is Zappos dollars. These dollars are redeemable within the office when the employee uses them in the vending machine.

Employees also can donate these dollars to the Zappos charity if they wish to do the same. It will help them to increase the productivity rate of the employees within the organization.

2. GE healthcare Embeds In Itself The Cultural Refresh

GE has realized the fact that employee recognition is an important part. For the employee engagements in their organization, they have adopted the policy to arrange for their organization’s employees’ annual general meetings. They could have used employee engagement software for these annual meetings as this is growing in popularity, but it’s not certain.

Six-word success stories of each achiever in their company were shared publicly in the form of posters to glorify the best employee’s performance. You need to consider these facts to get better engagement from the employees.

Employee recognition programs can boost up the brand image of your company in a better manner. Providing extra employee benefits, more about which you can discover here, can also be a great way to boost morale and overall productivity. It can also uplift the morale of the other employees in your company as it acts as a source of inspiration for many employees.

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3. On strategically Have Used The Simple Thank You Note

An effective employee recognition program does not always mean that you have to invest lots of money and effort to recognize your employees’ good work. E. On is a German company they have adopted many innovative and creative ways to identify their employees’ actions in a significant margin.

They have recognized the buzz program for employee recognition by arranging the digital and physical thank you notes. They have created a personalized system to greet the employees with a thank you note for appreciating their employees’ good work in their organizations.

The result of such a program is quite impressive:-

  1. a) Staff motivation score increased from 61% to 69%.
  2. b) The number of Employee evaluations increased from 39% to 52%.
  3. c) Employees’ vision increased from 57% to 75%.

4. Apple’s Employee Recognition Using Holidays

Whenever it comes to employee recognition, Apple ranks the top in this matter. The reason is it provides the one-week holiday scheme for the best performing employees, in addition to the ample holidays that employees can track on an Employee vacation tracker or a similar solution in their organization. The pattern of their employee recognition program is quite impressive.

Employees feel motivated, and they can give their best to deliver the maximum output for their organization. Apple is one of the best employers in the globe that you can ever imagine. They understand the need for their quality employee’s to contribute to their organization.


Therefore, whenever it comes to employee recognition, these four are the best ones you can watch out for from your end. You need to understand that your organization can become significant and successful when your employees deliver their best performance. You need to make your employees contribute to the county for the growth of your organization.

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