Golf Course Mowers

5 Tips To Consider Before You Invest In Golf Course Mowers

Maintaining land is even more difficult than it sounds. One needs years of experience along with efficient tools for keeping up with a golf course. One of the most important tool that helps in maintenance is a mower. Here are a few tips that you must consider before buying a golf course mower.

Work Efficiency

The very first tip before you buy golf course mowers is check the work efficiency of the mower. An 8 hole golf course is occupied by 70 hectares of land out of which only 30 hectares is mitaind turf. But just to keep this 30 hectares of land maintained, there is a lot that is needed. You basically need powerful golf course equipment that does the job really fast. Also precision is the major concern. So before you buy any mower, you must check the engine capacity of the machine, cooling technique and precision of trimming. Once all of this is sorted, the machine would guarantee you a great work efficiency.

Blades Compatibility

Next on the list is the compatibility of the blades. Blades are the most important component when it comes to a mower. They help in trimming out the grass with prescission. In case the blades are not designed properly they are likely to root out the turf. So before you buy a golf course mower, ask the seller to show you a demo of how the blades work. You must also consider operating the trimmer on your own and check if the blades are working properly at different settings.


Mowing around 30 hectares of land takes time. It would not take a few minutes but definitely hours of mowing to attain that desired grass length. As mowers are being perat dmanully, the comfort of the user becomes a priority. Before you buy a mower, you must check the ease of harnessing controls by yourself. This will help you know about the comfort and ease. Sometimes when the mwong is done during day time, the climate is hot hence having a shade and comfortable seat is a must. The mower must come with a cool top canopy so that the user can easily work under the hot climatic conditions.

Possibilities of Expansion

Buying a golf course mower is an expensive affair but it is also a one time investment that would work for long term. As you make a decision about buying a mower, you must make sure that the mower is capable of handling different blades at the same time. One of the most powerful mowers, Jacobsen golf course mowers are capable of operating five reels at a time in different directions. Hence find something similar that falls in your budget. In Jacobsen mowing you get a feature where you can attach or detach any extension according to the need of the golf course. You can also go for a mower which has single and three extensions, they are shop worthy too.

After Sale Service

When you are investing in an expensive golf course mower, you expect that the brand would not disappoint you with after sale service. There must be a service center in your locality so that you do not have to rush places for service of the machine. So before you buy a mower, check the nearest service station for the brand where you can get all the parts for replacement. This new problem is what you will never face with Jacobsen golf course mowers. They have plenty of service centers displaced in every locality.

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