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7 Signs That Indicate It is High Time You Should go for Siding Renovation in Vancouver

If you are working for a roofing and siding company, you tend to become an expert at determining the warning signs that a home’s siding is on its last stage. Inappropriately, these signs can be understated enough that many homeowners don’t see them at all until it’s too late. By that stage, it’s sometimes too late to carry out Vancouver siding repair, and rather, the home requires a complete siding replacement.


As far as the siding contractors who worked on your home did their job perfectly, then quality vinyl siding should live for 40 years or more. If your home has composite siding, then even the paint job should endure for 15 to 20 years. Many older homes were made with wood or low-quality kinds of house siding, which is more susceptible to rot, bugs, and elements.

If your home or business has siding, then you need to stay cautious about various warning signs. It doesn’t take too much for a minor siding installation issue to turn into a big disaster, and you can’t afford to delay when it comes to Vancouver siding repair.


Here are seven warning signs that mean it’s time you should go for siding renovation Vancouver.


  • Have you lately discovered peeling paint or wallpaper inside your place? Have you got signs of mold or water damage, but can’t discover a leak? Have you thought about contacting a Mold Damage Restoration Company recently? Poorly installed siding lets moisture and water seep into your walls, leading to damage to the interior and exterior of your home.


  • Holes in your siding are a big problem. Not only will they enable moisture into your home, but they’re sometimes a clear sign that bugs are making their way into your walls!


  • As soon as you come across the signs of rotting or warping siding, it’s time to call home improvement professionals. If this problem extends, then you’ll have no option but to pay for siding replacement. Sometimes, the exterior of your siding is the latest to face damage, so if possible, look under the furthest layer for signs of damage.


  • Found a recent spike in your utility bills? Quality siding should keep your home sequestered, and broken siding often leads to a sudden spike in heating or cooling costs.


  • Mold, mildew, and fungus are all opponents of siding. As soon as you find signs of mold or rot of any kind, it’s time to contact the leading exterior siding contractors Vancouver BC.


  • A single loose panel of siding might just ask for the need for minor siding repair. But if there are multiple pieces of loose or missing siding, then there could be serious underlying problems you need to manage. Check for missing nails too.


  • Eventually, like all other building materials, even the best quality vinyl siding is prone to natural wear and tear, particularly after a heavy storm. If your siding is getting fade and usually unpleasant to look at, then it’s probably reaching the termination of its usual lifespan. Talk to home improvement and siding contractors before old siding turns into a big disaster.

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