Beginners Guide to Choosing an Established NDIS Meal Provider

If you are a foodie and a community supporter, then definitely, you must have come across the concept of NDIS meals. With the popularity of this meal plan delivery trend across the globe, we would like to tell you that there are plenty of NDIS meal providers around you, and the number is still growing. But how you will figure out the services that are appropriate for you, and which provider to go with further. 

Don’t worry, we have done the legwork for you. Every individual deserves to live with the most essential necessities, and what else can be more critical than having fresh meals. If you have already opted for an NDIS plan or you are planning to register for it, remember that it will promote control and independence within your own place. So, let’s get started with knowing what you are actually looking for. 

Are you eligible for it?

The foremost question that you need to answer are:

  1. Are you a registered NDIS participant? If not, then how to apply as a fresh participant? 
  2. Are “Daily activities” included in your plan? If yes, then are you entitled to home delivery? If not, then is there anyone whom you can speak to about organizing the same? 

Now, let’s move on to knowing what you can expect from your NDIS meal provider. 

What’s in the meal plan? 

In addition to everything else, you are positively thinking of getting fresh and healthy meals delivered to your door. So, the very first thing you need to focus on is to check the ingredients that are used for preparing the meals. Below we have listed a few categories that you need to check for: 


  • Does your meal contain any sort of preservatives? 
  • Are there any added sweeteners or artificial sugars to the meals? 
  • If you are lactose intolerant, then does the meal have any similar ingredients? 
  • Is the meal plan having any store-bought sauce in it like mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, or ketchup?
  • Is the meal plan prepared with some crappy oils instead of olive or coconut oil? 

Knowing the serving size

One of the biggest resentments with allocating is the one size fits all approach for the meal plans. At the same time, we can’t deny the fact that different people with different activities and lifestyles have other needs too. However, a reputed provider will always portion the meals with the best interests in mind. 

For instance, premium NDIS meal providers like A Life Plus ensure that every meal packed and delivered comes with a balanced nutrient set like with the accurate breakdown of carbs, vitamins, good fats, and proteins, which is further distributed according to an individual’s requirements. 

Rest, it depends on your eating goals, like you are planning to lose weight, pack on some pounds, or just focusing on maintaining your current weight. The bottom line is that every individual requires different amounts of nutrition, and the provider should ensure that meals are sent with the right portion. The best part that doesn’t disappoint anyone is that every time new meal options are introduced, added, and rotated consistently without compromising the quality. So, you enjoy eating healthy every day, errr day! 

What is the preferred delivery method? 

Last but not least, it is very much clear that you wouldn’t be here if you were not looking for an NDIS provider with quick meal plan delivery. This is why you will consider how and when will the food arrive at your doorstep. Or else the question popping in your mind can be “how well the delivery person follows the instructions”? Does the provider believe in going the extra mile for any mistake or not? 

Don’t miss the fine print

Like everything else in life, it is again very much essential to know what you are getting yourself with an NDIS meal plan. So, make sure to check whether the provider is 100% legit or not. Does the provider lack any contract or how well do they comply with the NDIS standards? Do they have any cancellation policy? If yes, then what is the minimum notice period duration? 

So, here you have everything now that will help you choose the best NDIS meal provider in the region. 

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