Debunking Top 5 Myths About Fine Art Shipping

People have a lot of issues and challenges when it comes to transporting fine art and antiques. It is important to ensure that the artwork is properly packaged and transported in accordance with the norms and regulations of the recipient country. This is not to say that exporting art internationally is a problem or should be avoided.

We’ve refuted some of the most frequent misconceptions of fine art shipping in NYC below.

  • It Will Be Costly To Hire An Art Logistics Business.

In reality, working with a well-established firm like Arrow Express puts you in a better position to acquire lower rates without sacrificing the quality of service. We can also make recommendations and alternatives that may help you save money on shipping so that you may stay within your budget. As a firm, we ensure that there are no hidden fees and that you are aware of all the expenses associated with your shipping.

  • The Cost Of Delivery Includes Basic Insurance.

It is somewhat accurate; all shipping companies and airlines will have basic limited liability insurance, but we always urge that you check into getting insurance for your artwork. We recommend this since standard limited liability insurance frequently does not cover the value of your item. Arrow Express can also provide very affordable insurance prices since we have a fantastic relationship with our insurance brokers, allowing us to pass those savings on to you.

  • It’s Far Too Difficult.

Many parts of shipping might look intimidating or even perplexing! The benefit of utilizing a business like Arrow Express to handle your shipping is that we are the ones that organize and sort out these details. If you are needed to execute a specific process during the shipping process, we are here to advise and walk you through it step by step. No matter how foolish you believe your query is, you will always receive the assistance and support you require. We will gladly respond.

  • There Will Be Poor Customer Service.

True, many major freight forwarding and shipping businesses have a negative reputation for poor customer service. When it comes to shipping your fine art, you are one of many who feel disregarded or out of the loop. Finding the appropriate firm for you is crucial!! We don’t use automated phones at Arrow Express; instead, a team member always answers the phone. If you contact us outside of business hours, you can leave a voicemail, and someone will return your call the next business day.

  • Your Wants And Desires Will Not Be Considered By An Art Freight Forwarder.

There is no need for you to feel forgotten if you discover the correct Freight Forwarder, especially one that specializes in shipping and packing fine art. Arrow Express, one of the top fine art shipping companies, collaborates with you, communicating with you frequently about your cargo and any special requests you may have. If you’re a gallery owner, artist, or buyer, we’ll establish a working relationship with you to ensure we satisfy your needs and collaborate as a team.

Final Words:

You’ll have the main contact for your cargo at Arrow Express and a secondary contact if necessary, so you’ll always know who to contact with any questions. We will always try to go above and beyond just providing you with a service, ensuring that we are available to provide guidance and assistance as well as regular updates and contact throughout the process. Some of our clients have been with us for decades, which we attribute to our excellent customer service as well as the services and rates we can provide.

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