How to Wear a Mandala Pendant Necklace Like a French Girl in 7 Different Ways

The easygoing fashion vibes of French ladies are known for being somewhere between subtle and sophisticated. However, we’ve seen one feature throughout the season that is both wearable and stylish – when worn correctly, that is. The gold pendant necklace is a simple yet elegant item that completes any casual ensemble.

If you’ve already mastered loose hair and stocked up on seasonal berets, this crucial piece will round out your Paris-ready look. Check out our dressing advice below, and then go get the pendant of your wildest Parisian fantasies.

  • Monochromatic Metals

What is the first rule? Avoid being too flashy by keeping all of your jewelry in the same tone (i.e., choose gold or silver rather than mixing and matching). A monochromatic look is perfect for just about any outfit. They can embellish one’s necks without being too flashy or upping the outfit itself.

  • Long Chains

A single, long pendant — no layering required — gives any French model their characteristic laid-back appearance with a polished edge. This way of wearing your favorite gold mandala necklace turns one into a sophisticated Parisian woman. You can also dress your hair in a sleek straight effortless fall, tucked behind your neck. Wear your minimal deep neckline tops and blouses, and they’ll accentuate your neckline and make you feel good about yourself. 

  • Vintage-Inspired Pendants

Using a mandala gold necklace can give you an elevated French girl style to a new level of effortlessness. These vintage-inspired mandala pendants in gold elevate the look instantly. In fact, if you are a collector of vintage jewelry or ones that look like vintage ones, then you may want to go through with buying an Astrid Schumacher gold mandala necklace and pendants. You can uplift your mood with these amazing vintage-inspired pendants. 

  • Double-Wrapped Chains

Layer necklaces within an elevated-casual style, which achieves discreetly decorated, wraparound chains. Finish the look with no makeup, natural hair, and a red lip. If you want to add fancy and drama to your plain jane outfit, keeping the outfit entirely subtle, then you may want to double-wrap chains. This layered look fancifies the entire ensemble.

  • Chokers

If you want an effortless look that’s extremely different from most others, then you should opt for a choker with a mandala pendant in gold. It is understandably feminine and can be worn with a little cami-top along with a few delicate layers of clothing and a well-styled stack of other chains alongside the choker. If you want to add more interest to the look, you may want to try chokers with geometric patterned pendants rather than a plain coin necklace. 

  • Simple Circles

Take a minimalist approach like French model Louise Follain, who wears a ring necklace that looks great with summer outfits. Simple circles are a great simplistic feature pendant that can be used both on fancy occasions as well as for everyday outfits too.

  • Etched or Engraved

When you reach for an engraved or etched coin, you can combine old school with modern accents. This combination of tradition and modern gives rise to fusion styles which are sought after by youngsters today.

These are the few ways that you can easily dress up or dress down your entire ensemble using your recently purchased affordable pair of gold mandala necklaces. 


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