Importance Of Health And Safety Signs In Day To Day Life

There are various types of health and safety signs and they all mean something different. But all that matters is the way one comprehends these signs?

Well, all hazard warning signs are made to send messages through shape and colors. You can quickly understand their meanings once you know what exactly you are looking for in the sign.

In this article, we are going to cover the importance of safety signs and also the 5 main safety and health signs.

What Are Health And Safety Signs?

Health and Safety signs are tricky business. Some states clear messages and have words whereas some only rely on visual symbols that help in warning about potential dangers and hazards. These hazard warning signs are the best way to communicate about potential dangers as long as employees or workers comprehend the meaning of the symbols.

There are two types of safety symbols-

  1. General safety symbols
  2. Symbols for labeling hazardous chemicals

A workplace might have a combination of both, this makes it quite important to understand the meaning of symbols. Let us understand the types of safety signs and learn how to understand the meaning behind them.

5 Types Of Health And Safety Signs

There are 5 types of signs, though they all hold different meanings and those are as follows-

  • Warning signs
  • Safe condition signs
  • Fire equipment signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Prohibition signs

Warning Signs

These signs are made to warn you about certain dangers. Like electrical warning signs that warn of the overflow or any type of danger that can happen from electricity. These signs simply aim to warn you about the danger so that you can protect yourself during unfortunate circumstances.

These signs are triangular in shape and the pictogram is black with a yellow background. The triangle has a black border. This sign simply indicates you to be careful or aware by warning you about danger.

Safe Condition Signs

As we all know that green represents safety better than any color, they are used in safe condition signs for the same purpose. Safe condition signs are usually followed to safety like they indicate fire exit, first aid box, fire exit, emergency stop, assembly point, etc.

These signs are indicated by a rectangle and square shape. They have a green background, and white pictogram and they often have white borders.

Fire Equipment Signs

Just like the fire safety sign this sign also plays a major role. Fire equipment signs are used to find the fire equipment. This sign is indicated by red color just like safety fire signs.

Fire equipment signs are square and rectangular in shape. They have a white pictogram on Red background that often has a white border. These signs are used to state the location of fire extinguishers, fire alarm call points, fire alarm control panels, etc.

Prohibition Signs

These signs just tell you of the activities that you should not do. These are a type of danger sign that makes you aware that it is not safe to proceed. What color comes to your mind during the danger? Well, it is red of course. This sign has a red circle having a red diagonal line through it. It has a white background and the pictogram is black in color.

Mandatory Signs

These signs are just the contrary to prohibition signs. These signs tell you to do something. These signs are round in shape and they have a white pictogram on a blue background.


We hope we were able to provide you with knowledge about the safety and hazard warning signs. Now that you understand them, you will be extra aware of the danger present in your surroundings.

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