Is Pure Coconut Water Beneficial For You?

Popular for its vitamins, health benefits, minerals and electrolytes, coconut water has spread over the nation. It is available everywhere, not only from the coconut, but you can get it packed in bottles. Numerous brands have started manufacturing coconut water as it has swept consumers’ minds like nothing else. 

People have started looking for this drink instead of soft drinks, hearing all of its benefits flying in the air. You may also have heard of the clear liquid taken out from green coconuts with countless beneficial properties. But it only makes sense when you are consuming pure coconut water, freshly taken out from the coconut shell.

Don’t confuse coconut water with coconut as the milk combines coconut water and its flesh. Even though you have recently heard about the widespread benefits of coconut water, it has been there for centuries as a medicinal ingredient. 

Pure organic coconut water acts as Ayurvedic medicine. It is helpful to cure digestion, urination and many other immunity problems. It is also a traditional way to treat dehydration. Additionally, there are many more benefits the water has. Although it does not work like magic, it helps in healing gradually. 

It does not contain any artificial sugar, which means you are only consuming naturally occurring sugar. It may not be a replacement for your medicines or diets, but it is far better than consuming carbonated drinks. It is even better than fat-consuming coconut oil and coconut milk. 

Along with pure hydration, coconut water is a great agent for better and healthier skin. Like they suggest drinking lots and lots of water for every other skin problem, coconut water works similarly. 

Is it helpful in losing weight?

If you are consuming coconut water, expecting it to burn your calories, you might have false expectations. Although pure coconut water is a healthy option to drink instead of other drinks, it does not cut calories. 

A cup of coconut water contains 45 calories, and if you are taking it before, during and after the workout, your exercise might go in vain. But if you do not intend to lose weight and want to take it as a fluid replacement, it can be a good option. But make sure that you buy pure coconut water and not carbonated or flavoured one. Summing up, pure hydration coconut water is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Many health claims are associated with drinking coconut water, and some of them also contradict each other. But the majority of them claim that it is a good substitute for your daily sports and other drinks and you might get gradual benefits from it.

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