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Nintendo DSI Repair Services

Here at our store we offer repair services for all Nintendo DSi accessories, DSi consoles old and new. We are professionals who have been doing this for over eight years and as such have built up a fantastic reputation. We have employed technicians who have an experience of over 10 years in building and repairing video game consoles. Other than that, we do offer free repair quotes for your Nintendo DSi accessories. All you have to do is package up your Nintendo DSi accessory with a note of all your contact details and also what happened to the console. Secondly, you have to send us your console via post either recorded or special delivery or you could deliver it to us in person.


Once your Nintendo DSi accessories have been received, the technicians will have a professional look at them and we will contact you regarding the repair quote. If you wish, we will go ahead and repair your Nintendo DSi accessories at a payment which we will inform you after repairing.


Some of the Nintendo DSi accessories that we repair include DSi broken case parts Hinge Replacement, DSi replacement full shill case change and DSi camera faults. All our Nintendo DSi accessories repair include a full warranty. We carry out a full range on Nintendo consoles including DS Lite, DSi repairs, DSi XL repair and also the 3DS console.


In repairing the DSi broken case parts Hinge Replacement, we can either replace the parts or we can give you a full replacement case fitted with any colour of your choice depending on the Nintendo DSi accessories that you have. If your Nintendo DSi console is looking old or you want to upgrade it, we have some Nintendo DSi accessories that you can use. For example, we have the DSi full shel case replacement in any color. We have a variety of cases to choose from our website. Where you don’t get to see the colour that you want, you simply let us know and we will quickly try and locate the one that you want.


The Nintendo DSi is packed with features in a sleek folding design that will enhance your gaming experience to a whole new level. The Nintendo DSi is the long awaited successor to the Nintendo’s popular handheld video game console. With all this new available Nintendo DSi accessories, we are at hand to ensure that you enjoy our products to the maximum satisfaction, and if you are not satisfied we are easy to reach. Call us at 0844 478 0141 or 0141 280 0149 or email us if you want to ask any question regarding your Nintendo DSi accessories.


Apart from repairs, here at Console & Gadgets we also have all the Nintendo DSi accessories in our store. You can order them easily and securely through our telephone number 0141 280 0149 or 0844 478 0141, and we will ship them to you hustle free. All our Nintendo DSi accessories can be viewed at our website.


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