Stackable Jewelry as Best Regular Jewelry

This season embraces the beauty of elegance and warmer hugs of gorgeous-looking stackable jewelry. Now the struggle of choosing your outfits and jewelry came to an end because when you funk them up with the magic of stackable jewelry everything looks convenient and vibrant. Whether you have the stacking collection or not, you must take the inspiration to build a one for your surprising and wonderful dazzling moments. 

Moreover, stacking jewelry supports your child-like creativity to be playful with the art forms to mix and match your everyday styling.

For a simpler understanding, let me tell you what is stacking fashion?

Stacking is basically keeping one thing on the other and in the case of jewelry, stacking means the piece of jewelry is arranged in a way to give a stack-like appearance. So you must have a question in mind whether it is for only rings?

Probably not! Because you can do stack styling even on rings, and necklaces. Stacking looks easier and requires some amazing Pro Tips to make you look out of the crowd.

  • Be a Pro in Stacking Rings

A stacking ring is one of the simplest forms of fashion styling. While you wear stackable rings, you can add 3-4 of them to your fingers, and do not hesitate in mixing metals of the ring. You can use rose, white or yellow gold colors altogether. It makes the appearance look vibrant, and creates contrast.  

  • Layer on different Fingers

Generally, we do layering of rings on the ring finger and the index finger but try not to forget that for an unbelievable and stunning fashion experience you must go with layering them on different fingers. Some stackable rings are big in size and can be perfectly considered in the thumb. Here we have quick finger layering instructions; you can put a single ring on the index finger, keep a subtle and thin ring on the middle or leave it bare, a sort of rock on the ring finger, and a criss-cross ring on your pinky ring. So with the same stackable band, you can have a variety of layering fashion experiences.

  • Sizing the Stackable Rings

The sizing of the stackable rings is quite different; For example, your ring finger size might be 4 and your index finger is 6. Therefore, what fits you in one finger might come off from the other. Another aspect is you have too many rings on one finger and as you go on the finger the size of the ring demand increases as it takes more surface area. 

So, when it comes to measuring the rings, you can use floss or a thin string. Wrap the floss around the finger, then mark the string when it overlaps with the string all over. Measure the size of your finger in millimeters. And you are good to go for your stackable ring shopping.  

  • Are stacking bands easily damaged?

Stacking bands are not easy to damage because of their intricate smooth design and texture. Though, you can use different metal colors except for the metal quality. The best thing is to have the same metal types so that the rings do not get any wear or fading color by the rub. For example, if you are using a 14k band on an 18k band then probably the 14k band will get some scratches and spoil the appearance of the ring. It is better to keep standalone 14k or 18k quality. 

  • How to Stack Bracelets?

You can stack bracelets. Yes, you heard right that you can stack rings as well as Bracelets. The foremost part of the stacking bracelet is that it covers more area and remains tight and sits on the wrist perfectly. There are diverse options in bracelets and you can enter with the charisma of a tennis bracelet, gold bangle, or bangle with a twist. Also, stackable bangle bracelets are quite convenient if they are adjustable according to the wrist size.

  • How to Stack Necklaces?

Call it Stack Necklaces or Layering of Necklaces, necklaces have a wider range of options from chokers to bezel chains or personalized necklaces, and combining all of them can bring an extraordinary fashion instinct. Again, use different metal colors but it is better to have a precise arrangement of the necklaces. For example, you can keep your shorter lengths lightweight and then the dangle ones which will help to cover the immense neckline area with a prominent shower of jewelry. Thus, stacking fashion is just for women.


Stacking Fashion Jewelry is just like the mix and matching of other jewelry. We believe that the stacking rings or bands are never gonna be out of fashion because they are there to rejuvenate your fashion sense every time you wear them. 


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