Why Drink Camel Milk: 5 Science-backed Camel Milk Benefits

Camel milk has grabbed headlines lately for being a healthy beverage. Backed by several experts and studies, the milk’s popularity is growing immensely around the world. Camel milk benefits range from supplying nutrients to treating various health conditions. Find your reason to drink the beverage! 

For centuries, several cultures in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia have been drinking camel milk. Many of these communities, such as nomadic, rely solely on the beverage for their nutrition intake. Today, it is sourced to different parts of the world as a safe replacement for cow’s milk or plant-based milk.

Several studies in the recent past have highlighted the health-related properties of camel milk. Apart from that, Camel Crazy: A Quest for Miracles in the Mysterious World of Camels by Christina Adams showed the world why some cultures call camel milk a magical cure. The author traveled to different countries to get camel milk for her autistic son. In her book, Christina mentioned how she used camel milk for autism, whose results were wonderful.

Science-backed Benefits of Camel Milk

Similar to Christina, many enthusiasts and researchers visited different regions of the world to know the truth behind camel milk and health. Some of those findings were published in reliable journals and papers. 

Here are some proven benefits of camel milk:

  1. It is Rich in Nutrients

The beverage is low in saturated fat and high in healthy fat. Camel milk is an excellent source of long-chain fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids that promote heart health. Also, it has a range of nutrients, including calcium, thiamine, potassium, and riboflavin. Only 120ml of camel milk can add 50 calories to the human body. 

Although camel milk’s nutritional composition seems similar to cow’s milk, the former has lower amounts of saturated fat. 

  1. It is Beneficial for People with Milk Allergies

Camel milk is a safe replacement for cow’s milk and plant-based milk. Cow’s milk contains high proportions of lactose, which causes problems like diarrhea in people with lactose intolerance. These individuals can drink camel milk to get all those nutrients that can be consumed from milk.

During a study, 25 participants with lactose intolerance were given 250 ml of camel milk. It was found that only two individuals developed mild reactions to the beverage. Camel milk is safer for people with milk allergies because it has less lactose than cow’s milk.

  1. It Boosts Immunity

In today’s world, which is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for methods to boost their immunity. Camel milk benefits include boosting immunity and protecting the body against disease-causing organisms. 

Lactoferrin in camel milk is known for having antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It prohibits certain harmful organisms from growing and harming the immune system.

  1. It Helps Control Blood Sugar 

If you have high blood sugar, camel milk is a useful beverage to lower your blood sugar. The milk type has insulin-like proteins that help control blood sugar levels. A study on 20 patients of type 2 diabetes concluded that camel milk helped participants improve insulin sensitivity. 

  1. It is Effective Against Autism

Apart from Christina, many researchers worldwide conducted studies in the recent past to understand the effects of camel milk for autism. One study compared camel milk with cow’s milk for autistic children and noted that many participants had lactose intolerance, and camel milk was safe for them. 

In the End 

Do you want to know more about camel milk benefits? Browse Camel Milk and get answers to all your questions and queries related to the beverage. Also, join the camel milk community! 

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