Your Ultimate Haircare & Post-wash Care for Curly Hair Wigs Routine

The hair wig industry is a billion-dollar industry that has escalated after your favorite A-listers regularly parade different lengths and colors of the wig. You can rock these colossal wigs from a glossy bob to blonde curly braids; wigs are changing the way to go! These hairpieces can cost anywhere from $40 to $700 or more, depending on what you’re looking for. 

While you can wash, dye, curl and straighten these extensions, remarkable post-wash care for curly hair wigs can protect the hair strands from breaking out by the daily heat styling. In addition, various silk hair bonnets for sleeping provide a breathable and ultra-comfy texture for sensitive wigs. You can buy hair bonnets for sale in satin fabric for ultimate hair care. 

Hairlines are formed and replicated concerning the texture of the hair and shade the color is perfectly made. 

How to Wash and Dry Your Human Hair Extensions?

If your wig begins to feel sticky or rough, understand that you’re past due for a wash. First things first, we recommend you not to throw your wig in the washing machine. Instead, treat your wig like it’s your hair and wash it every one to two weeks or sooner. Here’s how you can wash a curly hair wig: 


Before you wash your wig, finger detangles instead of using a comb. You can also detangle it while using a conditioner to give the hair some slip. To prevent your wig from detangling, we suggest you use a satin hair bonnet for curly hair


Akin to straight hair, curly hair needs moisture. Therefore, we suggest you use moisturizing shampoo when washing. 


Lay your wig down the flat to dry like a woolen jumper. If you dry, your curly hair extension may result in the curls hanging a little more than you want them to. Then, set down the wig on a towel and softly scrunch the curls, so they contain moisture and stay bouncy once you dry them up. 

To Sum Up 

We all adore beautiful hair, but it is not requisite that we are born with the same. So often, people don’t naturally have the hair they always wanted. This is where wigs come in. 

People who love curly hair need to understand the work that goes into maintaining these wigs. You can find various hair bonnets for sale oversized and comfortable to minimize the damage of tangling and frizz on hair. However, following the above steps can make your curly hairpiece last longer without its twist or waves. 

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