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Amazing Steps to Make You SprayTanned

Spray tanning has become very common and the best way to get the perfect glow of a traditional tan. However, instead of going for tanning beds, people choose spray tan as they are risk-free and cancer-free. Spray tanning looks good with the help of a chemical called DHA. This chemical creates a chemical reaction with the skin and makes it darker than normal. However, this tan is not permanent, and it fades away as your skin exfoliates naturally. 

To get the best spray tan OKC, here we bring some of the best and important tips. You can also get professional spray tanning in Oklahoma City and airbrush tanning in OKC at the best price. Now, let’s check out the five main steps to perfect tan. 

1. Test Spray

If precision is something you want, it is best to get the spray tan from a good artist. Then, go for the test spray on the small patch of your body parts like your leg or tummy. Test spray gives you the exact idea of how the tan color will look on your body. If you want a tan for a big event, it is best to do a test tan for at least three to four weeks. Spraying tan directly before the main event might give you the results that you don’t want. 

2. Prepare Properly 

You should prepare your body properly for a perfect tan. First, make sure to clean your body and make it entirely smooth. Then, remove unwanted hair through shave, wax, and thread. Plus, remember not to apply any lotion on the skin before tanning. The color will not fully develop due to lotion application, so it is important not to apply it.

3. Stand Still 

When doing self-tan, stand still, close your eyes, and hold your breath. Do not panic as the process is very simple and it does not create any issue. The spray is usually a light mist and contains the active ingredient DHA that tan the skin temporarily. When your body sheds the dead skin cells, then the tan will eventually fade away. 

4. Don’t Shower 

If you want maximum results from your spray tan, do not shower for at least 6 to 8 hours. It is best to get the tan in the evening so that your body can temp up the heat overnight and get into the skin properly. Plus, also avoid going to the gym and swimming so that the tan can develop properly and quickly. When you take your first shower after spray tanning, then use lukewarm water only. 

5. Smother the Smell

The post-tan smell that remains is due to the DHA. You cannot entirely get rid of this smell, but you can use various formulations. Many people use vanilla perfume which gives a good masking fragrance. Make sure not to choose a product with a very strong smell. 


Carefully follow all these best spray tan OKC tips to get the best and long-lasting results. Spray tanning in Oklahoma City is highly popular and considered the best way to get that glowing best natural spray tan by many people. Plus, get the help of a professional airbrush tanning OKC for the best results. 


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