Medical School Admissions counseling

Medical School Admissions counseling: The gateway to your dream Med school

With increasing competition, applying to medical school can be stressful and takes immense preparation. From letters of recommendation to high admission test scores to a strong GPA are just a few pieces of the puzzle. However, the unprecedented situation has left pre-med aspirants wondering how the future medical school application cycles will restore to normal. To stand out in a medical school personal statement application to stand out on papers through applications or in-person during their interviews. Medical school counselling helps students ensure they attain acceptance to a prestigious med school. With a chance of admission as low as 1%, what is accounting for this fierce competition? According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the previous admissions cycle observed an additional 10,000 applicants to medical school in the United States compared to 10 years ago. 

The medical school personal statement help process can be an exhausting ordeal and can also deter those not willing to endure the hardships. 

What is medical school counseling? 

Medical school counseling helps you with the medical school application, medical school personal statement, and medical school interviews by providing advice, tools, and recommendations to increase your chances of acceptance significantly. In addition, the consultants prepare you to answer the common question asked in medical school interviews. The best medical school consultants will help you figure out what works and what doesn’t through meticulous research. 

Who can seek the help of med school consultants?

Each applicant is unique, with different strengths and weaknesses. In such a competitive field as medicine, any improvement can make a major difference between the acceptance and rejection of the application.The consultants also offer personally tailored  Medical Personal Statement Editing Services to help you stand out amongst the other applicants. With different unknowns, the admission process can be overwhelming. Here’s how you can benefit from the help offered by medical school admissions counseling: 

Low GPA or MCAT scores

Some students who struggle with low GPA or MCAT scores use medical school counseling services. To stand out in the other domains of the application from the rest of the applicants, they seek professional help. 

Average to High GPA or MCAT scores

Students with high or better than average admission scores or GPAs seek medical school admissions counseling services to secure an edge over other applicants. A good GPA or MCAT score does not guarantee a secured spot in your dream medical school. Applicants need to have an outstanding personal statement, essays, and an excellent interview. Irrespective of how stellar academic performance a student has, it’s still possible that their writing skills are below average and, in some cases, below average that can hamper their chances of securing an admission. 

Students with academic gaps

There are various students with noticeable academic gaps due to volunteering experience or due to unprecedented circumstances. These applicants also seek the assistance of a professional to help them highlight the other areas of their application and fill in gaps they didn’t know could be covered.

To learn and improve

Each student is good at something or the other. For this reason, some students feel there is always some domain of tier application that they can improve on, something they can learn and improve upon. This helps them gain an added level of confidence during the interview with an admissions consultant. Furthermore, the consultants prepare and learn for the Medical School Mock Interview.  

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