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Best Cbd E-liquid For Sale In The UK

CBD e-liquids are low-strength cannabis vape oils that you can vape for their medicinal and therapeutic effects. The other CBD vaping alternatives are CBD vape oils that are much higher strength with about 55-65% of CBD content.

Commonly known as marijuana e-liquids in other parts of the world like the US (where some states allow cannabis derived from the marijuana plant), these vape juices are rapidly becoming a safe replacement to smoking cannabis (both hemp and marijuana). 

Moreover, in the UK, where cannabis products derived from hemp have been legalised for medicinal purposes only, these weed-flavored e-liquids have proven to be a safe and popular alternative. 

Also referred to as cannabis vape juices, these CBD e-liquids are quite similar to CBD vape oils in the sense that they’re both made for vaping. The difference lies in their strength. Unlike CBD vape oils, CBD e-liquids in the UK are further diluted down to reduce their potency by mixing a VG/PG base as a carrier oil to the pure hemp extract. Natural terpenes (derived from cannabis strains) are also mixed in to give each e liquid that authentic weed flavoring that also serves to reduce the underlying hemp taste which may be a little too much at the back of your throat. 

CBD vape oils on the other hand are nothing but pure hemp extracts mixed with natural terpenes for flavoring. This makes them a lot more concentrated and thicker. As such, CBD e-liquids are also less viscous than vape oils and so can be vaped using any traditional vaping device. This is why we sell our CBD e liquids in the UK in both 510 compatible cartridges and 10 ml bottles so that you have the choice to use what we think are the best CBD e liquids in the UK (😉) in either the tank of your existing device or with a 510 thread device. (Quick aside: If you are looking for a good CBD vape pen, try out our Paso vape pen as it works with both our CBD e liquids and CBD vape oils so you can figure out which you prefer!).  

At Paso we are committed to offering you the best CBD e-liquids in the UK. All our CBD e-liquids for sale in the UK are 10% CBD making them perfect for those who want to vape more frequently throughout the day and so need / want a milder effect. What also makes our CBD e-liquids the best in the market is our passion and commitment to give you a pleasant vaping experience. So it’s not only the healing qualities we care about but also the taste so that you can enjoy the magic of cannabis without feeling too much of that hemp punch. By using natural terpenes from our favourite cannabis strains, we have a selection of delicious flavours that have a fruity flavor edge but with the perfect amount of herbaceousness. 

Our best CBD e-liquids available in the UK come from 3 delicious cannabis strains – Super Lemon Haze, Mango Kush, and Sour Diesel. 

For more insight on our cool CBD products, kindly visit the link and we’d be more than glad to assist. 


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