Best marketing strategies in 2021 that will do the job

Just like 2020, the year 2021 is unpredictable due to the current situation in the world. However, one thing is certain, marketing strategies will continue to be focused on the customers and user experience. Sadly, a single strategy usually isn’t good enough to take you to the top. So, what kind of trends should you expect?

People adored personalization, and they will continue to admire it in 2021. Besides that, many new things will appear, and old things will resurface in modernized attire. So, brace yourself and check out these marketing strategies that will do a magnificent job!

1. Optimize for voice search

Nobody has time to type anymore. As technology evolves, people are finding more convenient ways of searching for things they need. That’s why voice search has become increasingly popular in the past year, and it doesn’t plan to stop there. So, how can you use this information?

If your plan is to grow your brand online, optimize your website for voice search by using long-tailed keywords that reflect the way people speak. Just like Google recognized the importance of SEO, soon, it will rank searches according to voice optimization. To be on top of the list, optimize your page as soon as possible.


voice search

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2. Introduce influencers as a marketing strategy

The covid-19 has taught us all the ways we can benefit from the Internet. Because of that, we have many micro-influencers online that use popular social media apps, such as TikTok to promote themselves. However, they can promote your brand as well!

As the TikTok craze is nowhere near the end, influencers are usually seen as a more affordable alternative to tv and radio ads. On top of that, they open up to their followers and connect on a deeper level. Because of that, many followers look up to them and trust them when it comes to purchasing a certain product, which can be fantastic for your brand.

3. Establish brand partnership

Do you want to create a big bang on the market? Then you should do an unexpected collaboration with another brand! Brand partnerships capture attention, create a social buzz and boost you to the top. So, how can you create a successful brand partnership?

You don’t have to hire a famous Hollywood star to succeed. Try a more affordable way by approaching a company that has complementary business to yours. Create a merged strategy that will benefit both of you and send your solution to both of your mailing lists.


Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

4. Automate what you can

Automatization and smart technology have yet to achieve their peaks. Who knows, maybe 2021 will be the year when we’ll fully understand and successfully use automation? For now, it’s up to us to free our employees from boring and repetitive tasks and give the chance to automation to prove its worth.

As the world and the Internet are changing at a rapid pace, your campaigns and brand page will require constant supervision. Instead of boring your employees with such tasks, allow automation to take its toll. Automatization will allow you to collect customer data in real-time and use it to create portfolios for further personalization. This will lead to better services and more conversion in the future.

5. Work on communication

Developing a marketing strategy without a well-formed team won’t lead anywhere. Your employees need a secure place where they can exchange information and private messages without endangering their privacy or exposing your well-thought-out strategy to competitors. So, how can you achieve that?

To secure the valuable data your employees work with, implement an intranet software they can access. A personalized app where your employees share ideas is certainly an immaculate way of managing and improving your strategies. It will display all the relevant information to them, and help them improve their communication. On top of that, content is relatable, personalized, and engaging which will ease the process of adaptation to new technology.

6. Social commerce

The year 2020 brought us many novelties when it comes to online promotions and shopping. The two most famous social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, implemented an online shop option, through which you can purchase items of interest directly. This provides potential customers with a shorter journey from the search to purchase, which can be beneficial for your brand.

Consider using Instagram in marketing your business for a wider reach and higher conversion. As Instagram users are so accommodated to the app, it will be no issue for them to accept this new feature and enjoy browsing their favorite products more simply.


Even though marketing strategies change from time to time, you need to follow the latest trends and stay on top of the game if you want your business to succeed. Instead of milking the last year’s strategies, consider implementing these new ones that will certainly do the job for you. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to successfully implement marketing strategies. However, if you choose the best ones, you’ll have no trouble reaching your goals!

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