Don’t Let Those Scam Dropshipping Suppliers Scam You. Follow These Tips to Locate a Legitimate Dropshipping Company

Don’t Let Those Scam Dropshipping Suppliers Scam You. Follow These Tips to Locate a Legitimate Dropshipping Company

Choosing the best dropshipping supplier is a time-consuming and tricky process. However, it is crucial for the success of any closeout business. So how will you know which one is right for your business with many providers offering the same products? Not to worry; we have made it easier for you. Here is our quick guide to help you through the process. 

Generally, what happens is that there are many distributors out there who impersonate themselves as wholesale dropshipping suppliers. The fact is that these retailers do not offer value for money at all, yet they are quite good at marketing their services. That being the case, it has become vital enough to do thorough research before choosing a reliable supplier. 

Though you can always change suppliers if any issue arises, it is better to catch sight of an established partner. Now, why does this make so much difference? The reason being is that it affects several areas: 

  • Delivery costs 
  • Delivery duration 
  • Business Reputation and Loyalty 
  • Customer Feedback
  • Pricing 
  • Consistency and Product Quality 
  • Working Hours

From phone calls to exploring directories, there are several ways to locate the best dropshipping companies to make your business thrive. Here are the most valid ones; take a quick look. 

Try Out a Software Tool

Popular products like Niche Scraper have helped thousands of dropshippers spotting the currently trending items. It provides the users with a fresh list of product recommendations on a daily/weekly basis and has also shared approaching ad targeting ideas to leverage the businesses. 

Go for an Extensive Google Search

As of now, not every supplier around you could not have mastered the marketing tactics. Keeping this in mind, you can Google search terms with “best dropshipping suppliers.” You will see how hundreds of suggestions will pop up in a minute. Check how convenient and automated their offered service is as that will ultimately make things easier for you. 

Shortlist Manufacturers Around You 

Reaching out to renowned manufacturers around you is another thing that you may have to work on, especially when focusing on selling more. The simple step ensures that you have a legitimate supplier who makes everything reliable and quick. 

Attend a Trade Show 

Trade shows have always been a trending business, especially when you have just invested in a startup. Even many enterprise-level business approach companies that actively participate in trade shows. Eventually, we cannot deny that trade shows are a perfect way to connect with potential suppliers and discuss your products in person.

Try Ordering from Competitors’ Suppliers’

Well, this may sound quite awkward to you. However, this has worked for thousands of businesses to date. The moment you have shortlisted some of the best dropshipping suppliers, try ordering products from their different clients. It will give you a clear opportunity to recognize the competition and find who your competitors are more favored. 

We hope that these steps will help you significantly to locate a reliable supplier for dropshipping. All you need to make sure is to keep them in mind and choose a legitimate partner who is organised and efficient and has expert staff, industry reputation and has invested in latest technologies. 



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