8 Inspiring Hybrid Events Examples

Hybrid events are becoming a vital tool in every event planners’ stockpile lately. While these events have been creating buzz for around some time, the pandemic drove them into newfound notoriety.

You should not get confused between hybrid events and virtual events as both facets provide different yet valuable experiences. If you wish to prosper in the prevailing event industry, learn to embrace the latest technologies and innovations to foster growth and development.

Let’s review eight amazing hybrid event examples that have set a benchmark by hosting memorable and successful hybrid events;

Apple Special Events

There’s no better organization to take motivation from – since Apple is the one that has always been recognized for conducting fantastic events. Apple Special Events had been live-streamed to attendees all over the world as their objective was to maximize their reach.

Apple Special Events display the newest products to Apple followers and technology lovers so they can view them first-hand. So if you want to launch new products, showcase your offerings, or make a big announcement, hybrid events are a perfect way to reach global delegates.

During Apple Special Events, the company employed excellent production quality with the most advanced videography methods. With CEO Tim Cook being on the stage and the attendees watching him from remote locations, Apple built a new benchmark for virtual and hybrid events.

The seamless execution, remarkable features at the Apple Special Events were both effective and enjoyable at the same time. 

Growth Marketing Conference

Due to the impact of the pandemic, various businesses and event industries adapted to innovative features and learned new things. For example, the Growth Marketing Conference planners wished to host an on-site event in December 2020. 

Let’s see how they moved forward with this event:

  • They included a Virtual Access Pass in their tickets – By forming a Virtual Access pass, Growth Marketing Conference participants experienced more security. Even with travel limitations, lockdowns, or health matters that were imposed back then, Growth Marketing Conference still created a secure way to attend the events.
  • They provided elite bonus content – To spread awareness and make their Virtual Access Pass even more interesting, the Growth Marketing Conference presented their virtual audience with exceptional bonus content involving 250 webinars. 

Providing exclusive content to your virtual attendees allows you to deliver more value and memorable experiences at your event.


It is an event organized by HUBSPOT held basically in Boston. It aims to bring together marketing experts from diverse backgrounds to enhance their learning and enrich their experience. It has always been recognized as the trademark of INBOUND. And the hybrid event they conducted in 2020 was no exemption. 

This event is known for its excellent entertainment that involves notable stand-up comedians and outstanding speakers. The hybrid event platform designed a fun, animated, and user-friendly interface for its attendees. Besides, HubSpot also considered recording their sessions to let attendees view them in the future. Including the elements of both entertainment and convenience in the learning process is always liked by people. And this is the code to INBOUND’s victory. 

Webinar World

It is an annual marketing conference conducted by ON24. Its purpose is to stimulate revenue and engagement via digital experiences. During this hybrid event, speakers and attendees examine the subject of webinars and review how that can be used as a great marketing tool. This event seamlessly employs a hybrid event platform, featuring both virtual and in-person audiences.

Webinar World’s breakout assemblies include in-person keynote speakers, renowned guests, and on-site attendees. The in-person audience gets the opportunity to ask questions to the speaker during Q&A sessions and connect and engage with other attendees seamlessly. 

Webinar World’s hybrid standard significantly enhances the range of its attendance. Due to its wide range of audiences, their hybrid event brings enticing sponsorships. Sponsors also get the opportunity to have their individual sessions at the hybrid event and display their logos to Webinar World’s marketing emails or downloadable content. 

Due to these excellent marketing opportunities, Webinar World earns vital revenues just from its sponsorships. By following its hybrid technique, you can also obtain profitable sponsorships and host memorable and successful hybrid events.


Junction is considered Europe’s one of the chief hackathons. Conducted yearly in Helsinki, Finland, Junction welcomes everyone from scholars to developers to let their hacking abilities get tested. 

After the completion of their 2019 hackathon, people were expecting Junction 2020 to be more prominent than the previous one. But then the pandemic happened.

But since these hackers were determined and confident, the organizers started working on building a hybrid event to bring together all global attendees at a time.

More than 20,000 hackers globally attended the Junction 2020 – a memorable hybrid event. These participants were from 54 countries and nearly 13 time zones.


Every year, Twitch conducts its conference in San Diego which incorporates thousands of global attendees. In 2019, Twitch hosted its first hybrid event! Including performances from Madeon and Blink-182 for both on-site and virtual audiences.


DigiMarCon is recognized as a digital marketing, advertising, and media conference. Being one of the largest conferences, it brings various marketers from all over the world.

With its purpose of adopting the latest digital marketing approaches, DigiMarCon has selected a hybrid pattern for its event. 

  • In-person audience — During the hybrid event, audiences listen to excellent speakers, attend strategy sessions, and address the latest trends in the field of digital marketing. The physical participants also get the opportunity to engage in amazing networking farewell cocktail receptions, luncheons, dinner receptions, and farewell cocktail receptions.  
  • Online attendees — For a reduced ticket price, virtual attendees can review the live stream of the event’s overall sessions and masterclasses. They can also be a part of DigiMarCon’s social media associations to interact with other virtual attendees. 

Yellow Conference

Another notable hybrid event hosted in 2020 was the Yellow Conference. Since 2014, this event has brought various women together who are enthusiastic about doing important work, expanding their businesses, and continuing personal development. Every year, this event includes:

  • Breakout sessions
  • Panels
  • Interactive activities

While COVID-19 took over the world, the Yellow Conference accommodated digital tools and chose to attempt something new. Rather than dropping or postponing, the planners hosted two completely separate events—one for restricted in-person attendees and the other one for virtual event audiences.

While various hybrid events serve the needs of both audiences at a time, this approach allowed the Yellow Conference to plan each event to its attendee’s unique requirements with higher accuracy.