Enjoy a Hearty Staycation in Some of the Best Accommodations in Rye!

For some, vacation is an experience, while for some, it is a need to exert out the pressure from the long hours of 9-5 work. However, it’s nowhere wrong to say that vacation is also a necessity. When you move out of your place, you learn about the culture, lifestyle, and ethnicity of the people. 

We are born once, and we live once, so why should we struggle and keep ourselves tied up to the monotonous desks and chairs when there’s a world out there for us to explore. Oceans, mountains, hills, nature, beaches. Yes! Beaches, often when we hear the word vacation, we go to the horizons of the salty sea, humid breeze, coconut water’s oh yeah! And sand, how can we possibly skip the warm sands that stick all onto our feet when we chase one another on those kinds of summer mornings?

Rye is situated on Mornington Peninsula, nestled between Rosebud and Blairgowrie. The bay beach has various eateries, shops, and supermarkets, covering a wider part of the area. Rye’s good and hygienic accommodation help you experience an easy stay with attractive foreshow facilities, including picnics, mineral-rich thermal baths, and pools.

Here are some reasons why a beach vacation is what you need this summer holiday!

Experience the ethnicity of nature: 

Visiting the beach connects you further to nature. The tiniest of sea-shells to the widest of waves, there is nothing more captivating than that. Just feel the humid breeze on your face, and experience the warm sun on your back as the waves hit the shores loud and clear. 

Enjoy a variety of outdoor sports: 

Beaches are easy places to campaign. Just throw a frisbee or jump up to catch a volleyball; beaches raise your enthusiasm to another level. There are many water extreme sports you can indulge in. Sports increase your adrenaline rush and make you flow on top of the air, with paragliding, yes literally. 

Or you can spend your time with your kids, helping them make dunes and arts on the sand. 

Breathe in your daily dose of vitamins: 

If you live in a colder part of the world, beaches are a must vacation spot. You never know, but your body might be in a deficit of Vitamin D, which could prove unhealthy in the long run. On the other hand, when you are on the beach, you get many suns and come back with a refreshed and healthy heart. 

Vacation Rentals are to boost you up: 

Ever thought of a dream retirement once in a blue moon, and the first thing that popped in your head was a beach house? Beach houses are everything that you would want for the rest of your life. Sounds of a seagull, beach access, fully stocked kitchen, several rooms, comfy warm welcome, and a cozy stay. Vacation rentals speak out for themselves.

Everyone needs a break, and it’s your time to book a break for yourself now! Beaches are a trend; they are the iodine you need and an experience you should reminisce about at least once a year. 


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