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For a very long time, you all must have been hearing that the jewelry is only for embellishment and complementing your beauty but have you thought about buying jewelry for religious purposes. Moreover, religious jewelry is quite sentimental, spiritual, and eccentric because they are far beyond the mainstream ideologies of shimmering diamonds and design, it defines the faith of an individual towards its God and religious beliefs. We all are living on the same land and above it, there is a sky, we breathe the air and connect ourselves with each other in some known and unknown ways. The world is a beautiful creation of God and so the beliefs on Him might differ from person to person but ‘He’ is one, the creator being omnipresent wherever we go. 

As we were raised up and brought in families from different religions and cultures and our ancestors gave us the importance of being spiritual which probably is inherited by us and will pass on years on years to our coming generation. The revival or the restoration in religious beliefs can only sustain if it is practiced, understood, admired, followed, spread, and manifest. Unlike the old generation, the newbies want to follow their hearts and liberal thoughts. While making them understand this beautiful spiritual journey, it is evident to introduce it with love, passion, patience, and creativity. And, with this hope, we believe religious ornament wearing is an apt decision for them. 

Unquestionably, let us move on to understand how you can make your coming generation familiar with the ideologies of Religious beliefs and faith. We all have God’s altar at home, where we do prayers and sing corals. Perhaps on weekends we go to churches and enjoy the melody sung there in the heavenly energy surrounding us. Now, the next step to make things closer between you and God can be Religious Jewelry. No worries, if you belong to any Religion or follow a specific custom, you can buy Religious Jewelry for yourself and your loved ones. Relax, we would help you in selecting the perfect sentimental ornament for you. 

How to choose Christian Religious Jewelry?

There is a popular saying “Go with that which attracts you the most”

It might sound something intuitive but it also is necessary, because whenever we go out to buy any jewelry pieces or high-priced ornaments, we choose what attracts us and what our heart wants. Based on the same principle, you can go with the jewelry piece you find genuine to you. 

Still, you must consider some important factors which will help you in choosing one. Wherever you go shopping, you must have clear thoughts about what you want to purchase?

Here is a list of questions you must ask yourself!

  • Do you want to personalize your Religious Jewelry
  • Why do you want to wear it?
  • Go with sentimental value or go for what is most popular in the market!

So answering these questions will help you to decide which symbol you want and you can also do some research by yourself for it and for making the task easier we have bifurcated the themes of the jewelry so that you can understand and choose accordingly

Another aspect is following your ancestral values because they can advise you the best. But before making your mind, you can glance over some of the Christian Religious Jewelry options.

  • Cross and Crucifix

The sacrifice of Christ is not forgotten by anyone, he made this sacrifice to regain salvation for us. Some of the other ways remind us of the constant faith in God that even in any problems God is our protector who can save us from any disaster. The most popular cross or crucifix motifs are in necklaces and pendants which let you wear them close to your heart. 

  • Star of David

The star of David necklace is my mixture of both Christian and Jewish traditions. The six-sided figure where two equilateral triangles are overlapping to each other. It also signifies that God protects us from all directions, be it North, south, east, west, up, down, or middle. David was a warrior and was blessed by God to win every battle and in the same way, God will bless us to conquer every battle of life.  

  • Angel

Angels are the feminine figures that are considered as the protector around you. Angels are high-energy spirits surrounding and protecting through all the way. In the books of literature, angels have been mentioned as the protectors. 

  • Medallion of Virgin Mary

Medallions are another form of protection, and most importantly they are written with beautiful messages and blessings. The protective medals are often used during prayers or when you visit a church. You can also keep this on your prayer altar at home and it is the best gift for a newborn baby. 

  • Spiritual Signs – Anchor, Turtle, Tree of Life

Every spiritual sign is symbolic of something. For example, The Tree of Life symbol explains the emerging life from the Tree of Knowledge, it is also significant with the tree under which Lord Buddha sat to attain enlightenment. The anchor sign explains the journey of life and the voyage it goes with. Then, another is the Turtle sign which signifies longevity and brings fortune. 

What are the benefits of wearing Religious Jewelry?

  • Purifies your mind, body, and spirit
  • Channelize your inner strength towards better outcomes
  • Makes a spiritual connection with God
  • Helps in grounding energy
  • Helpful for meditation
  • Act as a protective medal for you
  • Removes negative energies from surroundings

Almighty is the only source who created this beautiful place to live, he is truly a magician, and while you at one side is just a common creature on this planet. You are full of life and you are bound to follow up with multiple life experiences and never-ending problems but in the end, keeping your hope high and faith in God would definitely help you to overcome any problem occurring in your way. Faith-Based Jewelry is one of those ways to connect you closer to the almighty who can protect you and show you the path of enlightenment. Take a leap of faith and get yourself the protective hands of God with Religious Jewelry


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