Diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces : The Best Way to Compliment your formal outfit

Tennis Bracelet and Necklace are the upcoming trend to compliment with formal outfit. 

Diamonds are always treated like the queen in the world of gems. Diamond studs are surely every woman’s dream. The radiance, the vibrancy, the shimmer reflects the opulence and extravagance in your daily look. Starting from Marilyn Monroe to Selena Gomez, most of the gorgeous actresses have enlightened the streets of Hollywood with aesthetic diamond earrings. Gracious and sturdier diamond earrings also make a good gift for any occasion. And if you want to impress your lady love on Anniversaries or birthdays then surprise her with voguish diamond earrings. The traditional ways to wear diamond earrings are diamond studs and then eventually different cuts and shapes like “Emerald”, “Princess”, “Heart” or “Teardrop” shapes were invented.

The world of fashion has been facing turmoil for a couple of years. The noticeable thing about today’s fashion is the comebacks of the ’60s and ’70s, but with a pinch of innovation. For example wrappers, polka dots are the new cool in today’s world. Jewelry is also not an exception. For decades Diamond necklaces have gained a special place in every woman’s heart. Dazzling diamond jewelry is perfect to surprise your lady love on anniversaries or birthdays. The serene beauty and elegance of a diamond necklace evoke the idea of feminine strength, beauty, and most importantly individuality.

Women are generally obsessed about necklaces because it amplifies her dignity and serenity. Most of the woman’s wardrobe is filled with an ample variety of necklaces. So why do women choose to invest so much time in a necklace? Because it can bring out her best features and make her believe in herself. A vivacious tennis necklace can leave an enormous impact on any woman’s mind. A diamond tennis necklace makes a lady feel special, elegant, and charming.

For women, the necklace is an ornament to show off their opulence and highness. World history is a bigger proof in this case. Earlier not only women, but men were also keener to wear heavy necklaces, especially in royal families. Even in historical civilizations like Egyptian, Indus valley, Mayans, Aztecs both men and women used to curate their style statement with unique necklace designs. A tennis necklace could be easily paired up with a formal suit, that has a V cut or plunge neck topwear, or even a formal jumpsuit. 

The origin of the word “bracelet” came from the Latin word “brachile”, which means “of the arm”. Bracelets can give anyone an exquisite look; you will hardly find any girl who will refuse to give her wrist an unprecedented twist with an exotic diamond bracelet. Bracelets have been a part of our fashion for decades. Even our predecessors used to wear bracelets made with iron, wood, rocks, and even bone strips. It was like an identity for their prestigious culture and heritage.

Diamond line bracelets or eternity bracelets were also some other names for tennis bracelets. A dainty diamond tennis bracelet wasn’t made for tennis, but was rebranded after an incident with this famous accessory. The name was coined after a famous tennis match. We all are aware of the celebrated Tennis Player Chris Evert’s prolific career. In 1987 during the US championship, her expensive bracelet just flew off her hand during a crucial moment in the match. She immediately stopped the match and started looking for her bracelet. The incident drew most of the public attention and after that, it was termed as a tennis bracelet. After the recognition almost most of the women started looking for this modern bracelet because obviously, it’s much more convenient to wear with your daily attire.  You can pair up a stunning rose gold tennis bracelet with your formal wear, which boosts up your dignity. 

The diamond tennis bracelet is a nostalgic trip for gem lovers. The tennis bracelet had risen in popularity during the ’80s and ’90s as a symbol of aristocracy and status. The bracelets are flexible and most of them come in different sizes. To modernize and customize the trend a little bit, even designers are eager to make some changes in swapping colors, styles, or playing new innovative cuts. According to some stylists, a piece of fresh jewelry like tennis bracelets evokes edgy and minimalistic design aesthetics. Especially the size, shape, and quality of the diamonds used in tennis bracelets gives a new interpretation to the essence of your daily styling. 

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