How to Choose Your First Marriage Anniversary Gift in 2021

Post marriage, sooner or later, you will realize that your marriage anniversary is replacing Valentine’s day as the biggest occasion of the year to celebrate the love of your life. The first anniversary is always special, as it sets the tone for the upcoming anniversaries to come. The excitement and unpredictability over the first-anniversary gift certainly bring a sense of innocence to the love story.

Choosing an ideal first marriage anniversary gift is nothing less of an adventure. For some, it feels like carrying a bundle of expectations, while there are a few, who treat the event as an opportunity to impress their partner and leave a mark on the occasion. If they or you are going to go all out for the special day with dinner, flowers, music, etc. then you both may try and add in something extra to help with creating a romantic atmosphere, this can include using perfumes that contain female pheromones, for example, as well as wearing some sexy underwear to get the night going, there is so much that can be done for that first anniversary.

Giving a single gift may not even feel enough! There are partners who surprise each other with multiple gifts and surprises; if that’s your style, then you should go for it. You can start off with something simple, like self-care gift boxes for women, and move on to more personal and, if you wish, bigger things.

Besides, the first anniversary seems like a festival when your family, relatives, friends often visit your place and take part in the function with extreme enthusiasm. Therefore, it is your moral responsibility to feel your lady love special by presenting something larger-than-life.

Jewelry is a safe option that you can consider on this special occasion. You will find a number of incredible jewelry options, depending on your budget. 

It’s a well-known fact that irrespective of gender, everyone loves jewelry. Besides, jewelry is among the very few practical gift options that genuinely contribute something to the receiver. By gifting a contemporary-looking jewelry piece, you will help her to enrich her existing fashion collection, which will eventually improve her overall fashion quotient.

So, in this write-up, we will talk about several essential aspects that you need to keep in mind while choosing a gift for your first anniversary. 

Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Anniversary Gift in 2021

Bring Something that She can Wear Daily

A gift that stays mostly in her wardrobe is in no way a gift that you should consider. Before taking your call, you need to ensure that your partner has a genuine interest in that particular product, and more often than not, she is going to wear your first-anniversary gift on a regular basis.

For instance, if you are gifting her a ring on the first anniversary, make sure that the ring is lightweight, offering a soothing experience to her finger, and hence she will consider wearing it on a daily basis.

For day-to-day use, it is wise to go with a simple, and classy looking jewelry piece having a solid form factor.

  • Bring Something Fresh

Those of you planning to gift a jewelry piece to your partner on the eve of your anniversary, need to choose it with extreme care. While choosing the jewelry piece, you are required to particularly avoid those jewelry pieces that she already owns. Two similar jewelry pieces won’t contribute anything significant, instead, it would lessen her excitement factor considerably. Therefore, it is advisable to give something unique to bring a fresh vibe.

  • Personalized Jewelry

Your first-anniversary gift is not a mere gift, for her, the material is full of emotion bringing a lot of sentimental value into her life. Therefore, it is your responsibility to give a personalized touch to the gift, so that she will always feel its essence.

These days, almost all reputed jewelry stores are offering the option to customize the jewelry as per your requirements, so you need to decide how you want to do it. You can either inscribe her initials or the date of your marriage on the jewelry to bring a personalized experience. Besides, you have the option to go with a stone-based zodiac jewelry piece, as per her date of birth.

  • Durability

Like most other girls out there, chances are your wife is going to wear your marriage anniversary gift for an extended period of time. As a result, while choosing the jewelry gift for your marriage anniversary, you need to keep an eye on the durability aspect of the gift. Many jewelry experts find 14k gold jewelry to be the most durable option, so, if your budget permits, you can consider buying such a jewelry piece.

Besides, it is also advisable to go with an authentic diamond jewelry store that is reputed enough to trust.


By keeping these above-mentioned points in mind, you will be able to choose an ideal jewelry gift for your partner on your first marriage anniversary. What is your stand on this topic? Let us know in the comment section below.

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