Know What Features Your User Onboarding Tool Should Have.

Without any doubt, we are introduced to new onboarding tools every day. However, things start to seem more confusing, challenging, and overwhelming when it comes to choosing a suitable CMS employee intranet. Normally, your business has to consider several factors before selecting the right fit. How will you know exactly which provider has the best onboarding solutions for your company with so many options available? Thankfully, our quick article unfolds all you need to know in the first place. 

So let’s take a look at the essential features that your company’s user onboarding software should have. 

  • First of all, it should be easy to use and navigate for the employees. They should find every feature easier to navigate so that they love using it more in the future. 
  • Generally, a quality CMS intranet does not need to have any technical wizard for the installation segment. Rather, your company’s every user should be able to get things going with minimal effort. 
  • Many studies have stated that beautiful-looking products are not always functional and attractive as per our expectations. This is why your user onboarding tool should have a clean, contemporary, and sleek design to deliver an enhanced experience to the users. When the staff members use it for multiple purposes simultaneously, the CMS intranet needs to be responsive enough on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. 
  • The last thing you may wish to see in your onboarding software is the clunky working or managing difficulty. Look for an onboarding solution that has enough features to add, disable, and enable users. Ensure the features allow you to perform page permissions and admission rights so that you do not have to work very hard to keep the intranet site working. 
  • Nothing is as important as the security of every technology we implement in our workplace. Whether it is about commercial confidential business information or personnel data, protection is highly necessary. So always choose a CMS employee intranet that ensures high levels of security or is just secured by default. 
  • Did you know? The best user onboarding softwares generally have social engagement as their standard feature? Yes, quality and easy-to-access features like liking, sharing, instant messaging, commenting, and activity walls are elements that encourage employee engagement. They consecutively also bring a huge difference even if the company supports hybrid or remote working models. 
  • Easy integration is another feature that you cannot miss. Check whether the CMS intranet incorporates well with platforms like Google Workplace or Salesforce? The best options will always offer seamless integration with a single sign-on. So do not let your employees juggle with multiple apps, screens, and passwords. If you want to boost productivity here, you need a user intranet for your employees that brings all these features together under one solution. 
  • Last but not least, the best onboarding tools will eliminate the headache of troubleshooting and timely updates. You can ask the provider to set the tool to update and regularly maintain on its own. If your provider does not offer support on these two, then better consider it as a red flag. 

So how well does your user intranet work for information sharing, collaboration, engagement, and internal communication? Let us know in the comments; we would love to hear from you.

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