Art is present in every sense of being and what we hold today in our hands and wear the clothes. It is the work of the artist to extract imaginary things into a reality. The ultimate jewelry designs of the initial day’s jewelry were done using the seals, shells, etc. And by the time the jewelry art molded into a perfection art with the invention of fine jewelry and its flabbergasting designs. The fascination with jewelry comes from extraordinary classic and exquisite works of Jewelry Art.

As a popular saying  

“Art is an imitation of reality” from the theory of Mimesis by Plato

Indeed, Fine Jewelry is an art.

Fine jewelry contains expensive metals such as gold, silver, platinum, gemstones, and crystals. These metals come from the deeper down layers of the Earth and are the earthly elements with some healing powers. To be precise, you can imagine wearing it every day to embellish your styling aura and add the benefits as complementary.

Why Fine Jewelry?

As explained earlier, fine jewelry is made of precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver with pearls, gemstones, diamonds on them. Unlike fashion jewelry, jewelry is made of unworthy metals with beads and they have chances of getting corrosive and fade in color after some use. But the fine jewelry is the opposite of it with high-quality jewelry assurance. Fine jewelry is like an heirloom that passes on from generation to generation in the form of ultimate jewelry designs. The creative creation helps the jewelry to last and even be considered as a type of investment for some people. Especially, if you are stuck in a debt situation, you can easily come out of it. 

What are fine jewelry metals?  

The fine jewelry pure metals are Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium.

Gold as Ultimate Jewelry Designs

The value of Gold is highly precious and the rates of Gold are increasing day by day which directly depicts its value to act as an asset. It has anti-corrosive properties and is thus best for making jewelry. There are a number of gadgets that consist of gold constituents. Gold jewelry is the purest form of jewelry. Gold has healing properties that cleanse the mind and body of the wearer. 

Mostly the gold is available in 22 karats, 18 karats, and 14 karats. Gold alloys are silver, and copper, and the most part are gold in the jewelry. Knowing about its physical properties, gold is a highly ductile and malleable metal. Therefore, the pure form of 24 karat gold does not use practically, or even 22 karats along with any highly expensive diamonds or gemstones because there are high chances of losing diamonds.  

Silver Metal as Ultimate Jewelry Designs

Silver metal is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. Often used for serenity and making light jewelry. You must have heard about two types of silver that are pure silver and sterling silver. 

What is the difference between silver and sterling silver?

Silver is one of the core elements of the Earth. For making jewelry, pure silver is made of 99.9 % pure elemental silver, And they only have 0.01 % of other elements. The pure silver is soft and difficult to shape so it requires some other elements to be mixed. Also, the fine silver comes in a stamp with 999 indicating 99.9 % silver purity. 

Sterling Silver is not so pure silver and they are also one of the metal alloys. Alloys are the formation of metal using various other metals. Sterling silver is basically the combination of various other metals. Sterling silver has silver 92.5% and only 7.5% of the alloy. Mostly the remaining alloy is of copper and zinc. Usually, they are available in stamp 925 sterling silver. 

In comparison with both the silver the purest will appear more expensive and elegant but if you are looking for durability then you must go with sterling silver.  

Platinum as Ultimate Jewelry Designs

Platinum is the most expensive metal in the collection. Preferred in making couple engagement and wedding rings. They are the symbol of truth, loyalty, and purity. Also, considered as the true symbol of eternal love. 

Platinum is ten times rarer than gold and they have some unique properties as they weigh twice as much as gold. They are least reactive and have high melting points. Therefore, a good metal for making fine jewelry but they are quite expensive. 


Fine jewelry is a treasure to nurture and it is also a responsibility to pass on the high-quality jewelry to future generations. The mystical magic of fine jewelry is eternal and highly influential. Hence, we hope that you understand the various metals used for making fine jewelry and recognize the best jewelry for you in your collection.   

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