Mystic Jewelry Collection: Know Everything About Baguette Jewelry

Creativity plays an important role in building a piece of art. And human civilization exists because of this prominent reason which is creativity in all spheres of life. We have progressed a lot and this reflects in our lifestyle. In this daily schedule or lifestyle, we encounter certain functions which are important for us. You might have to go to your friend’s wedding, or throw a party for your birthday, or attend a professional function with foreign delegates, etc. Of course, you have to be different from the crowd and be someone whose styles are getting copied. Indeed the special thing about your personality is how you carry yourself. Your attire, your confidence, and nevertheless, your jewelry. Thus, we are going to present the baguette jewelry information which would be helpful for you. 

You must have heard all sorts of diamond cuts which must have become boring to list out till now. And, today we are going, to begin with, one of the best diamond cuts that go unnoticed.

This diamond cut is the Baguette jewelry which is set in multiples, add dash style to the plain rings and hence it is popular since the Art Deco Era, and probably this diamond-cut must be the part of your jewelry vocab.

Baguette Jewelry

The baguette diamond is usually small and rectangular in a step-cut fashion with straight tapered edges. Some of the baguette-cut diamonds are square and others have a ratio of 5:1 or even more than this. Moreover, the Baguette diamonds are elongated with sharp edges to make the perfect rectangle or the tapered edges of the angle. The corners are perfectly square which makes it different from the emerald cut and baguette cut diamond. It gives diamond-like baguettes a very different appearance to the round-cut diamond with sparkle and brilliance. The baguette diamond ring setting is a perfect choice to make and it enhances the center stone and produces the perfect dream engagement ring look. 

Baguette jewelry has 14 facets that have traditional diamond cuts which have more than 50 facets. Facets are small and have side stones for engagement or wedding ring purposes. Baguette belongs to the step-cut family including the Asscher and the emerald cut diamond. Therefore, the step-cut diamonds are unique with defined facets. 

Types of Baguette Jewelry Engagement Rings

  • Channel Setting Baguette Jewelry Rings

The channel setting Baguette engagement ring comes with perfect accents with small diamonds set into the metal leading up to the center stone which is a clean and sophisticated look.

  • Vintage Baguette Rings

Baguette diamonds are a valuable addition to extravagant vintage settings. It completes the vintage look with many round diamonds, and a baguette can add variety to the experimental look. 

  • Baguette Eternity Bands

Eternity bands are the universal choice to make for weddings and engagements. The row straight of diamonds in the channel setting gives a clean and elegant look. Apparently, using the baguette diamond cuts you can have large and high-quality brilliant cuts. 

  • Ballerina Diamond Rings

The diamond rings are somewhat that stand out and ballerina halo rings do it. The Ballerina engagement ring comes in hexagon style halo featuring the ring of baguette diamonds aligned in a radiant shape.


The baguette diamond rings are quite impressive and one of a kind. The baguette-cut diamonds come with an authentic touch of creativity. Therefore, the specialty of baguette diamonds is the tapered ends which create an extra sparkle of brilliance.

Do you want to explore more diamond-cut options? Let us know and we will get back to you.

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