Leather Or Metal – Which Is Perfect Material For Your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is an impeccable example of innovation in wearable technology that spread the delights of both usefulness and fashion. However, one of the biggest debates arises when it comes to choosing the best material for watch bands. The two most popular types of straps, that is leather and metal, make people stuck in a dilemma while shopping. Nevertheless, be it your desire to embrace comfort or flaunt a stunning style, both metal and classic buckle Apple Watch bands can turn your game on.

If you are still confused between the two, here we can help you with the detailed pros of a particular type of watch band. 

Leather Buckle For Apple Watch

Leather is one of those timeless beauties that can never go out of fashion because of its superiority and comfortable texture. Probably, that’s why the demand for Apple Watch leather classic buckle spiked with the introduction of Apple Watch Series 6. 

Below are the top advantages of choosing leather for your elegant timepiece.

  • Adjustable Wearability

Leather is the natural material that is widely used in making watch straps and thus lets one wear their prized-possession regularly without any concerns. Besides, the fact that leather bands, especially the classic buckle for Apple Watch allow the owners to adjust the wearability as per their wrist size, makes it one of the convenient accessories.

  • Flawless For Formal Events

If you are looking for a stylish yet convenient accessory to mark a splendid impression at formal events, there is nothing better than an Apple Watch classic buckle. Its dramatic two-tone look and color-matched edges help one wear their alluring timepiece more luxuriously. 

  • Comfort

Enjoying the style along with comfort is like icing on the cake. Leather is one of those versatile materials that complement the Apple Watch perfectly with its essence of flexibility and strength. Besides, the weightlessness of the material can let you carry your wearable comfortably without making you feel any sort of skin irritation.

Metal Straps For Apple Watch

The next option that you can conveniently find for your expensive Apple Watch is a metal or stainless steel. If you yearn to deck out your wrists all shiny and bright, metal Apple Watch bands are a suitable choice for you. 

Here is the list of pros that you can enjoy with it.

  • Luxurious Look

The accessories like link bracelets for Apple Watch are available in lavishing colors such as gold, silver, and rose gold. This helps one to flaunt a luxurious fashion game, no matter the occasion. 

  • Versatility

Straps made from metal or stainless steel are versatile and can be worn in any type of environment. However, unlike the leather Apple Watch band, this isn’t quite comfortable and can result in irritation during moments of heavy sweat.

  • Durable And Water-Proof

One of the major reasons to opt for metal straps in comparison to leather is its extensive durability. Besides, you can also wear it underwater without concerns because of the fact that it doesn’t deteriorate easily. 

The Bottom-Line

Since both the accessories comprise distinguished pros, you can opt for one as per your preference. However, the classic buckle Apple Watch band is definitely the top pick when it comes to the essence of comfort and charm.


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