Features of John Deere Aercore™ 800

Aeration is an important golf course maintenance practice that relieves the compaction. This is important for the health of turf roots. This makes an aerator one of the most important golf course maintenance equipment. In this article, you will learn about the features of The Aercore™ 800, an aerator by John Deere. You can purchase this golf course maintenance equipment from a website offering John Deere golf course equipment for sale. Before that, let’s see the features of The Aercore™ 800.                


  • The coring head is between the drive tires. This provides you with maximum contour-following capabilities. This equipment is designed to be simple. An aerator with coring heads not located between rear tires requires a complex linkage system to follow undulations and make the coring head float. If you are using a tractor-mounted aerator, the golf course equipment is behind the rear tires. It requires a float system to follow the contours. As the tractor climbs a hill, the aerator is naturally lifted off the ground. However, the aerator follows the contours with the help of three-point linkage and hydraulic floating system. 


The Aercore 800 does not require any such system. The coring heads are between the tires. It does not require complex linkages to follow the contour. The golf course equipment also offers hole depth consistency. 

  • Using narrower-width cutting units for mowing eliminates scalping opportunities. This provides excellent cut quality and improves overall turf health. The same goes for aeration. A narrow aerator follows undulations and maintains a consistent depth. The turf gets more relief from compaction. The topdressing application is more accurate.
  • The Aercore 800 gets its versatility from industry-exclusive verticutter. Any 25-hp Kohler Command Series powered Aercore 800 machine may use the verticutter attachment. This attachment with carbide-tipped blades may reach the maximum depth of 44.5 mm. The equipment can be in any of its four operating gears. Whether it will achieve its maximum depth or not, this depends on soil conditions. The aerator has a blade spacing of 25.4 mm. However, you can use spacers in increments of 6.4 mm to increase or decrease blade spacing. The verticutter attachment features no-tool depth adjustment. The equipment allows you to achieve any depth up to 44.5 mm. The belt drive system of the verticutter engages and disengages when the coring head is lowered and raised respectively. The verticutter features tire scrapers to eliminate debris buildup. After installing the attachment, you can verticut only, or aerate only or verticut and aerate simultaneously. Disengage the belt drive and you can aerate only. Disengage and secure two coring head belts with belt latches. You can save operation time and labor by performing both operations simultaneously. 
  • The 25-hp (18.6 kW) gas engine provides you with two benefits. 
  1. When the throttle- back solenoid turns on, the engine turns at a much slower rpm. This eliminates the turf tufting.
  2. It gets an industry exclusive verticutting and aeration from its optional verticutter attachment. This makes the equipment highly versatile and productive.

It is a powerful and versatile aerator by John Deere. There are many websites offering used and new John Deere golf course equipment for sale. If you do not want to invest in new equipment, you can buy a used one. 

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