Look Like a Viking! Modern Viking Women Clothing Pieces to Buy Right Now

The popularity of Viking age reenactment has skyrocketed recently. In fact, it has a name now: Viking fashion. Do you imagine yourself getting into the spirit of these seafaring people? You don’t need to wear clothes Vikings wore to flaunt your admiration for them. Some brands design Viking men and Viking women clothing pieces that offer a classic touch in a modern way. 

As per historians, Vikings were the first fashionistas. When we see on televisions and big screens, we find that these seafaring Norse people in history were great warriors and farmers who had a comfortable life even when they lived in Europe’s colder climates. But, the harsh environments couldn’t stop them from having an eye for style.

Vikings and Fashion: A Sweet Love Story

In the past, researchers have found evidence showcasing Vikings’ love for fashion. Viking society has three socio-economic classes: Karls, Jarls, and Thralls. Jarls were known for their expensive clothes, made of silk. The other two classes were also dedicated to wearing clean and well. 

History suggests that Vikings wore clothes not only to protect themselves against cold but also to look attractive.

Modern Viking-Inspired Clothes for Women 

If you are highly impressed with Viking fashion and wish to flaunt it, get some designer clothes. Here are some cool clothing pieces for a Viking-inspired look:

  • Hooded Blanket

Viking fashion means staying stylish and warm. What justifies this fashion sense better than a hooded blanket? A soft and cozy blanket inspired by the Viking style allows you to wrap yourself and feel good when it’s cold outside. Get a quality piece made of premium-grade fabric and handcrafted by designers. 

A stylish hooded blanket will not only let you indulge in the Viking spirit but also let you flaunt it while enjoying a cup of hot coffee on your living room’s sofa. 

  • Cloak

If a hooded blanket isn’t something you can take outside the home with you, a Viking style cloak may make you feel closer to the brave community from the past. Like a normal cloak, a Viking-inspired cloak protects you against cold weather. However, the latter is more stylish, especially when it is a handcrafted piece. 

A quality cloak at a reputed store is soft, cozy, and stylish. Also, it features integrated buttons to offer you more flexibility while styling yourself up. 

  • Pullover Hoodie

A hoodie is a staple to an individual’s wardrobe. Both men and women should have at least one or two hoodies in their closet. This time, refresh your collection with a Viking style hoodie. Get a designer-made hoodie for comfort. 

At a great store, you can get a pullover hoodie made of 100% premium polyester. It is an anti-wrinkle and anti-shrink clothing piece that remains attractive and stylish for a long time.

  • Freya Leggings

Whether you love to spend hours at a gym or do basic exercises at home, Freya leggings make your workout routine comfortable and fun. Now, add a Viking touch to your fitness regime with designer leggings as Viking style clothing pieces. 

Quality leggings are made of four-way stretch premium fabric, which ensures softness and comfort. Apart from that, these pieces can be paired with other clothing pieces to wear anytime and for any occasion. 

Order Your Viking Women Clothing Pieces 

If you are searching for designer-made, Viking-inspired clothing pieces, come to Lunafide. Here, you get a wide range of artistically-made clothes for men and women. Order your Viking clothes at Lunafide and show your history-inspired fashion style to the world! 



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